Enterprise Information Management


Enterprise Information Management
Woensdag, 22 november 2017
Spant!, Bussum

De volgende onderwerpen komen aan bod:

  • Information management in the business: where should the information manager be placed within the organization and how do you get the business aware of IM?
  • Privacy and information security: the tension between data minimization and data optimization;
  • Data governance and identity & access management: accuracy, availability and reliability;
  • The ecosystem of information management: how to reach an agile way of working;
  • Cloud, IoT, big data and robotics: new challenges and opportunities for information management.


Wil de Jong
Program Manager / Business Information Manager
Enexis B.V.

Bart Nieuwstraten
Expertise Lead Enterprise Content Management

Hans Kraaieveld
Process Manager
Schiphol Group N.V.

Stefan van der Weide
Manager Permits, Data & Analytics
Schiphol Group N.V.

George de Boer
Leader of Connected Car Initiatives
TomTom – Telematics

Frank van Dijck
Manager Strategy
Enexis B.V.

James van de Merbel
CIO and Corporate Lead IT Business Partner
BAM International

Waarom participeren?

  • 35 000 interviews and 10 000 online survey responses annually provides a comprehensive insight of top leaders across Europe and Asia;
  • Annually 160 events in Europe and Asia, 20 000 top leaders and 2 500 solution providers. Our exclusive invitation-only event concept offers business opportunities for both parties;
  • Annually 70 000 pre-booked meetings. In average 20 1-to-1-meetings/events. We use the advanced data-based matching to find the relevant contacts for you and create you a platform to meet new contacts.

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