600Minutes Public IT

The next steps in the Public IT landscape

600Minutes Public IT paves the way for digitalization and explores the multifaceted possibilities of data in the public sector. At the event, you will exchange thoughts with CIOs and Senior IT Executives from the largest public sector organizations in the Netherlands, to discuss pressing issues on data activation, cloud around legal constraints, and the digital user journey.

Join us to acquire the capabilities you need to go digital through meaningful business partnerships. Attend for more information about the concept and your opportunities at 600Minutes Public IT.


  • A collective approach of public organisations for the next digital steps
  • Leveraging open data to empower the next phase in data and analytics
  • Use of new technologies in the public sector; blockchain, ai, robotics and iot
  • The opportunities within cyber security
  • Soft skills as necessity to drive digital transformation and innovation


  • Date: 28-09-2019
  • Location: Gooiland, Emmastraat 2, 1211 NG Hilversum
  • Website: click here
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