ECM Master Class

An in-person classroom course. 

The ECM Master Class is an in-person classroom course. All study materials and exam are included in the course, and though self directed, our training modules will take you step by step through the course fully preparing you for the final exam (exam is multiple choice and true/false and you have three attempts to pass). Course access is good for six months and after passing the ECM Specialist exam and Master case study, you will earn the ECM Master certificate.

ECM Master Class
12 t/m 15 december 2017
Teleportboulevard 100
1043 EJ  Amsterdam

If you are planning on the ECM Master designation, you must attend all four days of class (the first two days covers the ECM Specialist content, and the last two days covers implementation and the case study).  If you only seek the ECM Specialist designation, just attend the first two days of class.

AIIM’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) course will help you:

  • Identify ways to better capture, analyze, engage, automate, and govern enterprise content;
  • Learn how to develop necessary content taxonomies, metadata, and security models;
  • Define your business and system requirements for enterprise content management;
  • Earn the AIIM ECM Master designation after passing the online exam and case study assignment.

Trainer: Alex Visser

Alex Visser is an internationally recognized lecturer on the topic of Information Management. Since 1999 Alex has worked in the ECM industry as a consultant, project manager, trainer and lectured on 6 of the 7 continents for a wide range of organizations and industries. He has AIIM Master designations for ECM, ERM, BPM E2.0 and EMM.

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