AI & Big Data Expo

Enterprise AI, Data Analytics for AI & IoT, Big Data Business Solutions & AI Technology Solutions

The AI & Big Data Expo World Series is a leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition that showcases the next generation enterprise technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, providing an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI & Big Data to drive your business forward.

The AI & Big Data Expo will be co-hosted alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the largest global gathering for the Internet of Things sector, the Blockchain Expo and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo. As a whole, the event will attract in excess of36,000 attendees over the World Series.

Our high-level conferences will bring together forward thinking enterprise brands, market leaders, AI & Big Data evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, the impacts within Enterprise & Consumer sectors as well as Development platforms and Digital Transformation opportunities. The AI & Big Data Expo will bring together acclaimed c-suite executives and speakers from leading international enterprises. Network with business & strategy leaders and data & engineering leaders in not only the AI & Big Data field but across the whole enterprise ecosystem of IoT, Blockchain, Cloud & Cyber Security.

There will be dedicated AI & Big Data Conference tracks across the each show in the World Series. These include; Enterprise AI , Data Analytics for AI & IoT, Big Data Business Solutions and AI Technology Solutions.

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